Friday, 7 April 2017

I won a key com certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Friday two people get selected to get a certificate and I got     one. This is my first one  this year. I got it for dancing  in school singing here is a photo of it


  1. Hi Harvey, well done on your achievement in earning an award. You certainly participate enthusiastically in our classroom activities. Keep up the great work. Mrs P

  2. Hi Harvey Its Megan here. good job getting the award. You are a great Grey Main Learner. Next time you could add in some more writing. Good Job.

  3. Hi Harvey I am Noah from St Patricks school Well done on getting the award but maybe next time when you put something on your blog you can try and proofread it.

  4. Hello Harvey it is Neve from m1
    congratulations you can tell that you have been working hard in your class room.


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