Friday, 4 September 2015

Dog on the beach

Wow! Look at all that driftwood ! there’s even some floating in the sea.the salty air caught my attention. I was a very good boy(or girl ) because i stayed close to my owner. hey what's that

black and white thing just waddling around over there.I'm running doing some parkor on the driftwood.


  1. Hello Harvey
    Great Job what I would do is perhaps take the highlight away and change the font because I can't really read it
    Maybe you could add some more sentences give the title a bigger one and check your capitals in the 2nd sentence
    if you had a dog what would it be
    Bye Jessie

  2. hi Harvey you should remove the highlight from the
    writing so we can see it. please change the color of the font
    like blue so it will stand out great by the way job tho Harvey
    please add the capitals in the sentence
    By Adi

  3. Hahahahahahahaahha nice Harv

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